Standard 308 Gameboard_1 Tone Fi
Standard 308 Gameboard_1 Tone Fi

Wooden field with a cherry wood frame is our signature model. The dimensions on this field us 24 inches x 41 inches. The players run beautifully on this wooden field with minimal voice recognition.

New Footballfigure Photos 146
New Footballfigure Photos 146
Reginald 001
Reginald 001

308 GAME BOARDS 308 Gameboard was the first on the market with our fiberboard interchangeable system.

We offer a gameboard that can be changed out to another field of your choosing with the unscrewing of the motor that powers the board.

We customize any field that the customer wants within the specification of a 308 gameboard.

The game is then powered by our electromagnetic motors with the aid of our power packs..

A 308 comes complete with the game board itself, the wooden frame, electromagnetic motor, a  1370 Railpower supply,  2 goal post, first and ten marker and ball marker.  Other items can be added to enhance the beauty of the game such as the field dress kit, sideline figures, Gatorade and stands, player benches with players, coaching staff, and camera people. 

Dimensions and Physical Features of a

308 Gameboard

  • Rectangular frame: 24 inch x 42 inch x 2 inch

  • Available in single tone or two tone

  • Any team with instructions from buyer as to what they want

  • Replacement fields available

  • Store at room temperature

  • Customize exterior or leave it in stained wood finish

    Cost:  $375
    Shipping: $50