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CUSTOM STADIUMS offers a wide range of stadiums for our customer.  From professional to college to high school and fantasy alike, we can build stadiums to your specifications.

If you know of a stadium you would like for us to build, please send pictures or choose from our various stadiums in our gallery.  Each stadium comes apart in sections, i.e., sideline section, endzone section, and corner section.  This allows for the solitaire player to get the feel of being at the stadium in a closed environment but still have the maneuverability around the stadium and perform the basic functions of miniature football.

As our chief designer is an architect and engineer by trade, the cost of these stadiums would cost significant compared to what we charge.

So we want you to experience a sense of reality on a miniature scale.  Normally, depending on the difficulty of the project, it takes 6 weeks to complete a stadium project from start to end.  Shipping cost is not included in the price of the stadium as it varies based on location of destination.  Therefore, the buyer must agree to be responsible for shipping cost before agreement is reached.

Click on the icon below to see our Stadium Gallery!

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