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FACEMASK offers a wide array of face mask for figures. 
These  reinforced brass face mask fit snug onto the football players helmet with the aid of a paintbrush and modge podge.

They come in various colors ranging from red, white, blue, black, gray, purple and more.  If you want a particular color, write the color description in the text note area along with which version from A to H.

For each category, you must order a minimum of 6 sets for a grand total of 48 facemask.  A set consist of 6 facemask.  So you can order a combination of 8 different types of facemask with 1 color for a cost of $30.00 or multiple color sets.  You must specify this information or we will assume you want the solid brass color sets.

Whether the color remains unpainted or painted, the price would still be the same.  There is no maximum amount of sets that you can order!

Type A.jpg
Type D.jpg
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