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One of most significant invention has been the Gamechanger Quarterbacks and Kickers.

Compared to any of the competition, our figures are the most realistic, accurate, and consistent.

The GC Quarterback was conceived more than 35 years ago on the campus of the University of Tennessee by founder Reginald Rutledge.

While watching a professional football game on TV of one of the great quarterbacks, Rutledge took to using his Total Team Control Quarterback.  With minimal results, Rutledge began to design a quarterback from scratch.  He wanted the QB to have all the traits of a great quarterback such as rifle arm, pinpoint accuracy, upright posture, and the precision capable of making all the throws.  Furthermore, the inventor wanted to create a quarterback that mechanism was in the upper torso, invisible to the human eye.  Also, Rutledge wanted the QB to be able to play every down as a regular player that did not look realistic and stuck out like a sore thumb.

With these thoughts in mind, the quarterback was developed on paper.  Fast forward 30 years with the technological advances in 3D printing, now the design became reality.

With much research and design and trial and error, the inventor combine his skills with opportunity and created one of the finest components in all of miniature football-the Gamechanger Series!

If you really take time to learn how to use both the QB and K, you will not only be confident to win but also, the most realistic "Money Players" in all of miniature football.

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