"Graceful" came to mind when we saw this
pose. Created from one of the "prettiest"
runners ever to play the game, this figure
posse a blend of power and speed. Because
of it's front lean, it allows for maximum
momentum with breakaway speed. His
straight-ahead direction gives you an idea
that this great back wants to "take it home".

The "Ghost" was one pose that stood out
among the 17 different running back stances.
This prototype has the high leg action typical
of runners breaking free. The helmet turned
to the right shows he's trying to elude a
"would-be" tackler. His left leg shows a
forceful push trying to pick up speed as well.

Height: 3.2 cm
Unpainted Weight: 2.5 grams
Acrylic Painted Weight: 2.7 grams
With Rookie Base: 3.6 grams

The helmet looks right to avoid a pursuer while
thrusting from his left leg.
The top-heavy stance makes it the fastest among all
backs and gives it that rare blend of power and speed


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