Coming off the right corner, "The LT" is one
of quickness players when put on the right
complimentary base than any other figure
we offer. Matched up against an offensive
left tackle, he puts tremendous pressure on
the quarterback! He is basically unblockable
when positioned in space. His impact is
immediate and devastating.

This is the one figure that inspired the
whole project. Because it represents one of
the greatest players that played the game,
every aspect of himhad to be captured. This
is a top 5 pose in our opinion!

Height: 3.6 cm
Unpainted Weight: 2.3 grams
Acrylic Painted Weight: 2.5 grams
With Rookie Base: 3.4 grams
With TTC Base: 3.7 grams

Analysis: This player is very difficult to block
Because the arms are not exposed and he
leans, it makes his "swooping" speed more noticeable.
We think this is a Top 3 pose in our product line.


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