"The Menacing Enforcer" shows the classic stance of a
pass-protecting lineman. He looks like a football player
getting ready to block a great speed rusher coming
around the right end. With the aid of the TTC bases, he
has the ability to hook a LB and slide him out to give
the RB time to get through the hole.

He is not as heavy as the other linemen so that will
have to be compensated for with more
weight being applied to him. This player was
redesigned to reflect linemen of the 21st Century and
he ranks among the most classic stances we offer.

Height: 2.8 cm
Unpainted Weight: 2.3 grams
Acrylic Painted Weight: 2.9 grams
With Rookie Base: 3.8 grams

Pass blocking mode
Dominant presence on the field when put
on lateral sliding or TTC base
All padding and physical features are
accurately displayed


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