"Sleek and beauty" comes to mind when we
look at this pose! Truly one of the all-time
best figures we will ever produce, this pose
blends the look of a finely tuned sleek athlete
with the beauty of a graceful sprinter in

This figurine pose was taken from one of the
most graceful athletes in professional football
history and to do him justice, the detail was
handcrafted with great precision. His
functionality is superb, as he is a top-heavy
figure that gives him more momentum/speed
as he runs in a straight-ahead manner.

Height: 3.0 cm
Unpainted Figure Weight: 2.4 grams
Acrylic Paint Weight: 2.6 grams
With Rookie Base: 3.4 grams

"Speed Demon"
Player has great speed because of upper body lean.
Functions best as a slot receiver because the arm extends
which makes it easy for cover corners to hold him.


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