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Welcome to the world of's newly design figures called Revolution figures!  These figures are created from 3D modeling using a resin based substance.  This allows for our most smoothest figure ever created.

Our Revolution Series include any type of figure we make with the aid of 3D printing.  Whether it is our Football Player Series, Legends of the Fall Series Coaches, referees, and media to our Mascot Series, Cheerleader Series and our Mascot Series, we supply an arsenal of true-to-life figurines which were all created from their real life versions.  

The figures are very lightweight, balanced, and very functional as miniature football players.  They are among the best figures for simply creating artistic masterpieces as we offer more figures than all miniature football companies combined.

Our designers are trained modelers with artistic backgrounds.  This allows the ability to create a figure with the exact scale and tremendous realism.

After going thru several iterations and trial and error, we have arrived at bringing you the most incredible figure that can be used in so many applications.  Now, it is up to you to take a chance on what we have and you will walk away impressed and wanting more.

So click on any one of these icons below and get started creating your football world!

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