Hi Reg, I just wanted to take a few moments and say how appreciative I am of your product. When I got back into the hobby in 2010 I did not know about all the custom figs that were out. So I went to and found football figure. Net and boy when I saw Marcus Allen, Lyle Alzado my favorite Raiders all painted up my jaw hit the floor!! I took my computer over to my wife and said are you seeing what I'm seeing!!! I immediately ordered several packages from your company. I then called you on the phone and you gave me lessons in how to build a squad with your figures, now 7 years later and many Reg figs later I'm still loving this product and making my Oakland Raiders All time squads with footballfigure. Net. Reg you are straight up class, and a gentlemen you helped me in this hobby when no one else would. So my gratitude is to you and your product!!! Thanks Reg for keeping on with a great lineup of figures for us to make memories with!!!!

~ Howard Hanshaw

Andrew Pettola Following Coach Wallace's sentiment reg I feel compelled to provide my thoughts on what you have/continue to provide to this craft. I grew up on Electric Football as it was the ONLY game that my father owned as a child. He passed that legacy on to me and we played for hours at a time regardless of how tired he was after work. As I grew into an adult the game lost its luster to the high tech world of xbox/ps and I was drawn into it as were my kids...that was UNTIL my son found my old board/figures and started asking me about. We started to look online and I stumbled upon YOUR site Reg. I was completely taken aback by the breathtaking attention to detail on the figures, the incredible craftsmanship of the stadiums and that this level of the hobby even existed. I called Reg immediately as my childhood passion was re-ignited and we spoke for well over an hour about the game and our love of it. By the end of that conversation I had purchased a Heinz Field stadium, a 308 tournament board and a full tournament team of Steelers. Whats important to note is that I really didnt have anyone to play with at the time BUT THATS HOW TAKEN I WAS WITH YOUR WORK. I have since made multiple purchases and will continue to do so as I value what you do as an ARTIST, ENTHUSIAST, and PROVIDER of what I consider the "BEST IN CLASS" EF products. You've changed this hobby my friend and I am proud to be a beneficiary of that.

~ Andrew Pettola

Coach ,,,,,,,,,,,,OUTSTANDING WORK .......I Tell you Reg , Connecting with you over ten years ago, purchasing these players on the regular not to mention your workmanship , fair pricing and customer service is the MAIN reason i still play . TRUE sometimes it may not come when i need them ( well thats me ordering individual players instead of teams ) and my orders can be difficult , you never EVER complain , you just do the job . MUCH APPRECIATED BROTHER ........... Coaches, my paypal receipts are well over 20k , WHY ?? Because of his work .......#G.O.A.T

~ Arthur Wallace

I like to thank footballfigures.net. Especially Mr. Reginald Rutledge for all the help and the opportunity to get back into this great hobby. Thank u for helping when I made mistake on my order . Most of all on delivering such a good product.

~ Harvey Lee Jackson

Mr Rutledge, I am honored to own the Steelers you have in your video!! My excitement for miniature football is growing. I've been playing since 1980. I had been exposed before that but I'm pretty sure Christmas of 80, I got the steelers and rams and a new board. It took me a few years but I became a dominant player in my hood. As video games became more prominent, brothers started giving away their teams. I collected them all. Lol!! So for the last 25 years, I have not lost a game. But, I have one dude that has coached his team up and I have some competition now. But your players. Oh my goodness they hit the end zone without much tweaking (our terminology for adjusting the bases). So not only do you produce fantastic looking replicas of real players, they get the job done between the lines. I am convinced that I will not loose for another 25 years. Thanks for taking time to fulfill my large order. I want to continue to be the best. The products of football figure.net not only look better than any figures you will come across, they play just as equally impressive as they look!! Keep doing what your doing!! God Bless!!

~ Tim Gill